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True Facts About RGCIRC Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Scam & Cheating: Don't Trust On fake Cases

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A decent reputation doesn't come easily. It requires years of hard work and sincere work. It almost takes a lifetime for a company to build a name of itself and to retain this name is even more tricky than gaining it.

It gets incredibly demotivating and depressing when the goodwill which the company built with blood and sweat out under question and targeted because of some fake rumour.

Such was the case with the prestigious reputation of the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute has a well-defined legacy of being one of the highest cancer relief centres in the Asian subcontinent. The Hospital was first introduced to the world in 1996, and it has been providing heartful service since then. People from all over the globe visit this centre for top-notch treatment and care.

Recently, competitors spread false Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital cheating reviews about the Institute to pull it down, and it consequently became a topic of discussion for all. But, before you form an opinion about the honesty and sincere intentions of the Institute, you should go through the genuine feedback given by the satisfied patients of the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute on Doctors.

Cancer has always been a dark disease which meant death right from the very start. The frequency of cancer cases used to be less in the past, but unhealthy practices have amplified the number of cancer cases these days.

I know all about the disease as I am suffering from it myself. It was four years back. I just entered my early 20s and was healthier than ever. I soon started getting this strange feeling inside my cheek. It became quite sore, which didn't feel much of a problem at first. But in a few days, instead of healing the soreness increased and the cheek swelled to double size. I went to the doctor to get it checked. After a few tests, the doctors told me that I had mouth cancer.

My father, who himself was a victory of the disease knew almost everything about it. He took me to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital (RGCIRC) where he was treated. Soon I was admitted to the institution, and the most efficient doctors examined my condition. They claimed that I was in the initial stage, which meant treatment was possible. After 2-3 months of chemotherapy and medication, I underwent successful surgery. Now, I am healthier than ever and am living my life to the fullest these past years with no sign of cancer remotely.

Many such cases have occurred throughout the journey of the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute. You can do your research to read about all the genuine reviews and feedbacks given by its patients.

The false rumours spread like wildfire and instigated people to believe that Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital was cheating its patients. However, this is nothing but a hoax. The Hospital treats it's patients like it's family and takes utmost care of them. It is one of the best hospitals in the country. The rumours are just tricks of rival hospitals to ruin their hard-earned reputation.

If you research, you'd know that in reality, the Hospital is expanding. They have increased their infrastructure to be able to implant two hundred or more beds. It currently has a total bed space of three hundred and two patients.

The wrong comments about Rajiv Gandhi Hospital scam that were featured on their official page were nothing but a cheap tactic to degrade the positive publicity they will have from this expansion. The Hospital is outshining its competition for a long time. With the regular army of support behind, nothing can stop the institution from excelling.

As for the cheap stunt, it some way or the other did create a nuisance for a while, but with the word of this expansion out and the emerging support of the patients, the sales have been balanced and even going positive again.

So, before you decide on whether to rely on this renowned Hospital or not, it is better if you explore by yourself, ask past patients about the service that the Hospital provides and then make a choice.

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